I'm visiting my grandparents for the week and I've almost had at least one lucid dream every night of the week. I'm doing a different routine than I usual, I think that it might be helping. Anyways I had an interesting dream last night that I thought I would share.

After several non-lucid dreams I had this dream where I was in a strange rendering of my own house. Everything was narrow and alien. I'm not sure what did it but I just, almost as a side thought, acknowledged I was dreaming. This is exactly how I've been getting majority of my lucid dreams this week. I've been more almost "aware" in the waking and I think that's translating to my dreams.

It's kind of hard to explain but I opened a second pair of eyelids over my open eyes. This is usually how I wake up from dreams but that time my eye lids were a lot lighter. They almost wanted to be lifted. As I lifted them up them up the dream took on this different energy. It was clearer and more tangible. Maybe more "user friendly" is a better term. Anyways, I go to a bathroom and look into it's mirror. First thing I do. I'm standing taller than my reflection looking down at it. It's me but shorter and my head and hair and even parts of my face look like Danny Devito. But it has an odd quality to it. It's very wrinkled. Almost to the point of being ruffled in parts. Like weird ridges. It felt really significant at the time. I have some weird theories about this but I'll move on.

I closed my regular dream eyes attempting to almost change the scene. This is the first time I've done something like dream meditation or looking into mirrors. When I opened them I was in another cramped room in a house I barely bothered to look around. This happened a couple more times and I got kind of frustrated. I was trapped in this house. So I tried to direct it a little more and imagined a wide expanse. Limitless in all directions. Like an ocean or a desert. Not really the imagery of one but how it made me feel. When I opened my eyes I was in a big rocky and hilly expanse with great big blue mountains an infinite distance away. I didn't really know what to do. So I did something everyone wants to do: build a mud hut.

Still fully lucid. More so than usual I started to make clay bricks. I mixed this kind of dense dirt with water in a hole. Mashed and mixed it up. Than I dusted a place on a rock shelf and started pounding the glob of clay into a crudely made mold. When I was done I'd carefully transfer the brick onto a sunny part of the shelf and repeat the process. I never actually built a complete mud hut but I was well on the way. I did this until I could feel my actual eyelids lifting until I was awake.

I definitely left out some very strange parts that are not so coherent. Some of it is actually pretty entertaining. I'm really happy about my lucid dreaming so far. I've done a lot and I hope to continue this streak. I'm going to be traveling soon and I hope the timezones and general traveling won't affect me too much.