I get lucid suddenly without RC, I can see my body up ahead of me, it's like I'm moving behind it. It was unstable so I start repeating 'stabilize'. Instead of entering the body, I say "this body is not mine" and continue moving myself in another direction, so I don't have a body anymore, only my first person vision. I start to move ahead, my dream eyes were partially closed so I try to open them with my invisible hands. I was in an urban area (streets and living buildings).

Now I may say I never experienced such a thing, maybe this is because of the nature of SSILD, but it was a day and night at the same time. It was divided in two zones, in the left part of the city was a night and in the right part was a day, they were separate of some kind of barrier. In the night zone it was full of zombies roaming around, but they can't see me while I'm in the day zone. But there were small spots in both zones where it was the opposite(similar to ying-yang symbol), if a zombie try to go through a day spot, it vanished into thin air. In the night spots, there was some kind of fog that surround it. I try to go through a night spot to see what is inside, I was practically moving in thick fog. My movements were sluggish in there, like the gravity was stronger, it was also colder. I can barely see anything inside. A zombie attack me, so I kick him and try to reach the end of the spot. Something grabs my foot and I fall on the ground, it was another zombie. I was in a pinch, I cursed him and kicked him in the head and started to crawl to the end of the fog and I barely get through. The zombie tries to catch me, but get burned by the sun and vanish. I stand up and get moving while I was avoiding the night spots, but the dream started to collapse. I return myself several times with DEILD, but after a while it finally collapsed.

I can say SSILD work when I do it right, but it tend to be unstable. When using olny my senses to induce DILD, it seems my real world memory is lacking. But if I stabilize it enough I can remember more and more.
It will be fun, if somebody can make a game with this concept, it will turn in very good Thrriling horror game "The Zone"