Heya just wanna talk about my WILD dream experience./[s]

So i was a bit depressed this morning, woke up 5 hours into my sleep. I usually sleep a long time like 10-12 hours. I have had several partial sucesses with WILD in the past so i know a thing or 2 about the chances i can get a lucid dream going. But even so, it still impresses me when i can lucid dream on the same days that i set it as my goal.

One problem that has been with me for a long time is duration of my lucid dreams, wish i can solve this obstacle becos 30-60 sec dreams are really just the tip of the iceberg for what they could be if they were longer.

So my technique is pretty much a Back To Bed relaxation technique. I have to sleep in the same posture i usually sleep, for me being very particular, weight on right side of body on front. I believe this is related to releasing enough tension from my body so that i can enter deeper states or that the mind believes the body is ready for sleep.

Even after the body is relaxed nothing happens until i relax my face and mouth, thats when suddenly my dream kicks in to full gear and i always feel like i am surrounded in a liquid. And that there is nothingness around me in all directions. Then I always decide to downwards expecting ground to appear, and it does. I spawn usually in my room and i touch the floor and walls, then shortly after i wake up.

Lucid dreaming is real ! Just want to remind myself of that "lucid dreaming is real" ... cos there are weeks/months i sometimes forget this amazing 'feature/bug' of our minds.