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      My 2 first LD experiences (involuntary)


      First of all I would like to say HI to everyone here, since it's the first time for me on this board. I'm a 20 year old guy from Portugal

      I'm writing this to record here my first 2 LD experiences, both of which were involuntary, altough the second one might have been influenced by me having been reading some material about LDs. I hope they are interesting (though simple), and that some of you can relate it to your own experiences.

      The first one was already a few months or maybe even a year ago, and I think it would be more accurately called an out of body experience than a lucid dream, since all I remember was dreaming of myself being outside my body, looking at myself. I remember clearly the place where that was happening, actually it was more or less where I am now in this room. When I think about this experience in this distant way there isn't anything really special about it, but what caused me to remember it the most was the fact that I didn't take long to wake up after my dream of self contemplation, and when I woke up I distinctly felt that I hadn't experienced such a feeling of pure beauty a long time ago (if ever!). All I remember was me looking at myself in my own eyes. It's amazing how such a simple experience could cause a feeling as big as this one (I can't even fully feel it's intensity now that it has passed, it's just beyond my reach). Has anything like this happened to any of you?

      The second experience I had was much more of a LD. It happened a few days ago (I don't remember exactly when since my memory of this dream was only triggered 2 days ago when me and a friend were talking about sleeping and dreams). I remember I was walking along the sidewalk of a street (no cars passing on the street at all, and walking felt more like flying a little above the floor), and suddenly I realized I was dreaming.
      I had even enough conscience to think about the words "Lucid Dream" , to be happy to have one again, and to think about trying to control it. I did so by making my dream self stop walking in the sidewalk. Then I noticed there were some people on the other side of the street, I made myself look to them and I think it even came to my mind to try transforming one of them into a girl. That was when I got discontrolled and woke up
      Waking up didn't feel like much of a unnatural transition of state, as it happens in normal dreams. It felt much more continuous, as if the transition consisted only in the dream stopping. I was of course pissed off about having woke up just a few seconds after I gained lucidity.

      The last night I tried influencing me a little bit more by reading some more LD material before going to sleep, and thinking about it in bed too, but without success, since I woke up this morning without any memory of LDs. I guess I'll have to try harder I'm already happy about having had this 2 experiences without trying any hard, I hope they mean I have some natural ability for this (altough they were quite apart from each one, so they seem to be rare for now)

      Anyway, thank you if you have read this far, and good luck to you all in your LD experiences.

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      Isn't lucid dreaming great!
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