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      Last night, unintentionally of course, I had a Dream-induced-lucid-dream. It was pretty weird.

      The way I realized I was dreaming (DILD) was actually pretty cool.

      So I started already in a DREAM. In the dream, I decided that I was going to try performing a WILD (I was not lucid at this point). When I tried the WILD of course, it "immediately worked" and I was inside a dream. I wouldn't realize that this actually would be a DILD until I awoken.

      I entered the "WILD" and immediately did the spinning technique. Worked great. Anyway, then I ran outside my room and re-entered telling myself I'd see a certain person behind the bed. It didn't work, LOL.

      Then, I proceeded outside and tried to fly. It worked the first time, but I started thinking that it shouldn't be possible, and BAM into the ground. The second attempt worked, and I flew (more like bounced up and down) over across to my neighbors.

      The weirdest thing happened here though...it seemed as though I was losing lucidness, like I was still dreaming but I was starting to forget it was a dream.

      At this time, I woke up. The way I realized that my "WILD" was actually a fake and that it was an involuntary "DILD", was that when I lay to bed to "try my WILD" i saw a picture of Jesus on my wall. I don't have Jesus on my wall, LOL!

      Anyway, hope y'all enjoyed and thanks for reading.

      Happy WILDing!
      Stay lucid, stay WILD!

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      Ha, that happened to me a few times before, except instead of actually doing a WILD, My body shook violently and made weird noises, so it's basically WILD'ing in a False Awakening for me, I had doubts in my mind that it wouldn't work when I did it so that's probably why it didn't work.
      Anyway, congratulations on the fake WILD!
      Hakuna Matata.

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      lol, why would jesus give you a fake WILD

      maybe he got bored.
      Do you know where you are?


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