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      Ok, so basically, I was alone in a room, and there was a small hole in the ground where someone had hidden money. So I was pulling it all out and keeping it. Things didn't feel entirely real to me, and my dream was in first person. Soon, some bitch that I always see smoking at my school came in. At this point I think I was in control, and I sort of knew I was dreaming, or at least I had a feeling I could do anything without consequences. I went running at her, shoved her as hard as I could, she smashed into a mirror and broke it, and I woke up. Now, I'm pretty sure if I hadn't woken up I would have done a reality check.

      So, does that sound like a lucid dream? Or at least damn close to it?

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      That doesn't sound like a lucid to me as you didn't quite get the whole "I'm dreaming" feel. How ever you did have control but thats a different thing. Maybe if you did a reality check you would have been more successful.

      good luck next time
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