Hey everyone,

I had another Lucid Dream last night..But during the night I had a few other dreams..before I went to bed I set my cell phone under my pilllow as a vibrating alarm.. And in one of my dreams (while my alarm was going off in real life) I had lost my cell phone and I had to go find it--i should had known I was dreaming..

Anyways onto the Lucid Dream..

It started off with me and my bestfriend on the city bus back in my old city.. The bus had stopped and picked up a lady that was in her 30's but very good looking... We got off on the next stop and headed toward his house..For some reason me and my bestfriend both had jobs at subway and I could remember when I had to work.. I told him " I dont know if i work 12 to 8 or 8 to 12.."

So we went inside his house and I had talked to his mother for a bit...and I was like "Why the hell do I even have a job when I am up here?" (I guess I was visiting) and she was talking about how Johnny (my bestfriend) just got out of jail (which in real he did) and his job expects him to do this and do that..

Well the dream went on a for another minute or so and I had realized that my two bottom teeth looked really different, and that they were about to fall out... So I went to the bathroom and there was blood in the sink, so I stopped and did a RC (plugged my nose and I could breathe&#33

I knew I was dreaming and I ended up in some weird house that I had never been in before.. The first thing that crossed my mind was to call for my DG Anna...After a few times calling I decided to stop because I didnt want to rush myself.... Instead... I looked at the palm of my hands and said "Increase Clarity Now!" The dream became more clear.. I remember walking down these steps that sort of spiral'd downwards... The wall was really close for some reason.. All the while I was rubbing my hands together to keep myself in the dream.. I was going to go outside--but saw that there was snow-- So I decided to go up these steps and turn on a Television to see if I could find Anna--then slip through the screen to her..

So I turn on the television only to find some wacking ass cartoon shows on.. The cool thing is, I placed my fingers on the Television, then made a face..and I told myself "Believe!" All of a sudden I was pushing my arm through the screen of the TV... I pulled out my arm and turned around to find some stuff Animals on the floor.. So I decided to do some Telekinesis with one of them.. That got me side tracked and made my dream fade, causing me to wake up!

That was a fun Lucid Dream even though really nothing got accomplished..

Hope you all enjoyed!