I slept for 8 hours last night and I actually remembered four dreams! (first time to have more than two remembered) My first two weren't lucid, but the last two were. Anyway, here's where they start. I was running away on the sidewalk from school feeling that drone guns were coming out from the school to shoot me down, and on the yard I thought to myself, "I'll just get my shield out because I'm dreaming!" Then I pinched my nose to make sure and of course, I was. But you know what? I stopped and thought. "I don't need a shield because I can do anything I want." Then I tried to do the "poke the finger through the other hand" RC, but it didn't work. I decided to fall back and induce a false awakening for another lucid. It's the weirdest feeling! I felt like I was falling forever until I hit my bed. I did another RC with my nose and I still was LD'ing. Everything was dark so I thought up images of my room and house and everything awkwardly began to take form in the form of "specks", kind of like the HI that happens. From there, I traveled from my room to downstairs where I saw my mother outside. I tried to go through a screen door (knowing fully well it was possible), but instead of just traveling through it, it kind of bounced me back like it was abnormally elastic. She looked the same as always, but somehow different too. I recall thinking "How beautiful she is" and then she began to strip in a weird way. I went back in the house because I was a little freaked out and I also wanted my friend to call me and come over. Sure enough, the phone rang and like the last time I wanted someone to call me, the voice was his, but there was more static than anything. I woke up instantly after that.

I knew fully well my surroundings and continually pinched my nose, however stuffy it was, but I didn't feel like changing anything. I just love that feeling of being in a lucid. Just looking at the atmosphere and everything in it can be enough for me on most days.

It really made my day having two lucids after still being sick. And you know what? I've been telling myself lately that I know I can do lucid dreams, like I'm confident that it's easy enough to do because of my dreamsign RC and any abnormal situtation RC. I remember seeing someone post that they get LDs just for knowing that they can do it. I think I can second that myself. Just continually tell yourself you can do it and that it's easy to do and you'll most likely do it. It might have been the alka seltzer I took previously that triggered it too, but I highly doubt that. -.-

But some questions:

1) Is a FA supposed to feel like you're falling forever?
2) After my FA, how come my room just didn't show up when I thought of what it looked like? I kept my eyes closed while thinking about it, but do you have to think about every detail for all of a scene to actually appear?
3) Are phones supposed to work right? Every time I've used one, there's always been much static with the voice.

I'm improving! :yumdumdoodledum: