I was in line at a grocery store and 2 of my old friends from highschool were standing next to me. I remember reaching on the little candy section by the checkout and grabbing some sugar babbies.. The next part of the dream was kind of weird, because I dont know if I did this after I became Lucid or before.....For some reason in the dream one of my friends was dead (the 2 friends next to me were brothers) so I turned to one of them and said "You know he is dead dont you?" (this is the part where I am confused)

"This is a dream...Your dreaming" I told my friend.. All of a sudden I was at my old house with my friend when i I said this---inside my old kitchen.... I looked at him and said "Your Dreaming....You Feel that?" I wanted him to reailze he was dreaming, I asked him if he felt that.. meaning, did you feel the moment where you became lucid...All of a sudden a smile came across his face.. So for me to try to get him to believe he was dreaming I tried some Lucid powers.. I had moved a crayon on the counter via Telekinesis.. After a while I decided to stop and move on to something else..

I walked over to an old bar stool that I use to sit on so many years ago and I actually picked it up with my hands.. It's so strange how real and accurate the dream feeling felt to the way the stool did in real life back years ago....I felt my dream slipping away so as it went black i told myself "no im not waking up, I want it to be daylight outside!"

It took a bit of strength for some odd reason, but I had opened back up my dream eyes only to be outside, in the daylight--still at my old house...I looked at my hands to make the vividness of the dream go up and for a moment I felt like I was awake--because of how real everything looked.. I walked a little bit down my old 100 yard driveway before i stopped... my old neighbors use to have rows of small pinetrees that started close to the beginning of our driveway and ran all the way down to the end--it was like a property marker--but as i was standing there I yelled "ANNA!!!!!"

I stood there and yelled again... "ANNA!!!! WHERE ARE YOU!!!" nothing happened....so i yelled once more!


A second after I said that a voice from the otherside of the pinetree's spoke out and said...

"I looove you"

My head instanstly turned toward the pinetree's and where the voice was heard.. I started to run off of my driveway and into my big yard toward the pine trees, but then my instincts kicked in ( i call them my wolf like instincts).. I took a knee in my yard about 10 or more yards away from the pinetrees..

I thought to myself..... "wait a minute, that voice, I swear it sounded like my neighbor.." (my old neighbor) "who or what could it be? What lingur's behind those pine trees?"

I stayed kneel'd in the grass, 10 yards away from the pine tree's..Wondering what was beyound the trees, and waiting for me on the otherside.....


I thought it was a good dream.. Hearing that voice was a little bit strange after I woke up I realized it was not my neighbors voice, but infact Anna's voice (my dream guide) After I woke up and thought about the dream, It felt like electric wave's were going through my body, and my hair was standing up on ends.. ( I only get these feelings after I have had contact with my DG in my LD's)

You must be wondering why I didnt go beyound those tree's? Because I'm starting to go with the dream and let it play out, instead of me always controlling it...So me not knowing (at the time) what was beyound the pine tree's.. I decided not to risk it...The same decision I would have made if it had happened in real life...

Am I bummed that I didnt get to see Anna... No...Because I know she will be back...



Total Time Lucid: 5-10mins