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      Ok, so I've been doing my studying over these past few days since I joined the Dream Views boards.
      Learning about Lucid dreaming in general, reading about peoples experiences on here and most importantly, doing reality checks and keeping a dream journal (there are only like 6 dreams in there lol).

      Finally, last night I had what I believe to be a lucid dream! :bravo: I appeared outside a local store near to where I live and couldn't seem to keep my balance. Also, I looked in the window of the store and couldn't see my reflection (eek&#33 but I could see cars passing and everyone else behind me on it, so I did a reality check and looked at my hands... They seemed perfectly normal to me, but for some reason I knew I was dreaming. Just as a test I jumped on the roof of the store and seriously, that, for me was an OH MY GOSH moment!
      That was it for what I can remember of the dream. It didn't last very long.

      Now here is where I get confused... I looked at my hands in my dream, pinched them and what not and all appreared to be absolutely normal, so I have no clue as to how I figured out I was dreaming. Did I even have a LD? Or was I just dreaming about being in a dream? If that makes any sence

      Yes, I know there are billions of these threads on here but... I just gots to tells someones

      LD's since joining DV: 1 ^_^

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      Congrats, man. That was a lucid dream.

      You know you had a lucid dream, because you knew you were dreaming. Things happen in dreams according to a bunch of different mental factors. Sometimes a reality check will work just fine. Sometimes they won't. Seems to be about intention and subconscious influence, but don't expect any constants.

      What you had was a DILD - a Dream Induced Lucid Dream. This means that you basically became aware of your environment being a dream, on your own, in this case through your recognization that impossible things were happening.

      Keep at it.
      (Or see the very best of my journal entries @ dreamwalkerchronicles.blogspot)


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