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      Hey everyone,

      I have this ability(?) to do a sort of WILD.

      In the morning i got woken up at 8.

      I went back to bed with ease and got woken up like 2 mins later by something and rememberd the dream.

      So i thought i would have a go at LD.

      So, All i kept doing was concentrating of when i was 'in the dream', I don't have sleep paralysis or anything like that or hypnotic imagery.

      I just go straight into it.

      So i just concentrated and during the transition (you know you're about to enter the dream) i got ready and when i was in it just did the breathing RC!

      It worked!

      It was the only LD where i had almost complete control, and it feels completely like real life, i love it.

      I was in tesco, and i flew(with ease), to the top of the roof, but i couldn't get through the roof, it was like a glitch, where i could see outside then it would go.

      It was strange like a glitch on a game.

      Anyway, i woke up again, had another go, and got another complete control LD!.

      Although they only lasted like 1 min, they were amazing, im so happy,

      Feels just like real life with the buzz from flying etc.

      Can anyone tell me what this kind of thing is?

      Cause i can't really do it at say 6am. only late morning like 8-10am.

      AMAZING, thanks everyone!

      BTW: It kept fading when i tried to have sex. lol.

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      Nice job! :bravo: It sounds like a combo of WBTB and WILD to me. Keep up the good work.


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