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      For the past couple of months ive been trying various wild techniques and filds, but ive never had any success. last night however i had my second ever lucid dream and it came, like the first one, just by accident.

      I woke up at about 4 in the morning to try a fild, but failed. I just went back to sleep again after being up for about 45 minutes, and had a few different dreams that i remember quite clearly. Anyway, I had this dream that I was back in my bedroom after having failed a fild. For some reason i looked out the window. The sky suddenly looked beautiful, i guess it was dawn or something. The grass of my garden was glowing an unnaturally bright green. I wished i had a camera with me so I could take a picture of the sky.

      Anyway it was then i realised that the sky looked exactly the same as in a the picture i have set as my computer's desktop background. It was then I realised i was dreaming. Just as in my first lucid dream, i suddenly felt this huge rush in my body as i became lucid. I was pulled back into the bed, and when i tried to get up and explore, i found that i couldnt move, that i was trapped in my bed. The next thing i know im staring at my bedroom ceiling and that im awake. i did several rcs just to make sure though.

      My lucid dreams dont last long because of this rush, which usually wakes me up or makes something uncontrollable happen. should i continue to do this waking up and going back to sleep again method, or should i keep trying with my wild attempts? am i right in thinking that eventually it will come as less of a shock to become lucid, and that i will actually be able to move outside my bedroom?

      Whatever happens, I am really impressed in these two dreams. i always take a moment in them just to appreiciate how real it seems, because it truly is incredible.
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      You should stay with the WBTB method it definately seems to be working and its way easier then the WILD. The WILD is incredibly hard to do.

      With the rush on realising you're dreaming, I suggest that you just give it time. You seem to be new at lucid dreaming and have that "first time jitters," after a while though you will get more used to it. That last sentence makes it sound like lucids get boring after a while but trust me they don't .
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      Congrants on your second LD, but on your methods, I say NeAvO is right, WBTB has a higher sucess rate than a WILD, though if you&#39;ve tried a WILD, a MILD would work too, DILDs are great but I think first you need to be good at realizing Dreamsigns, doing RCs, or just quick to learn that you&#39;re asleep if you want to try that.

      Good luck with that &#39;rush&#39; you feel when you realize when you dream, one day you&#39;ll get used to it nad it&#39;ll go anyway but it can be hard to fight so my advice is that when you realize your dreaming, stay calm [not really easy to do as you know], never close your eyes any longer than you need to blink [if your dream changes on you you could forget that you are dreaming and all your hard work is a waste for that REM], and when you try to do something, do it either in the easiest way possible; do thingas that don&#39;t make you concentrate too hard, you may wake up.

      Congrants again and hope you have another lucid soon


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