It's been a while. I doubt anyone here remembers me. But whatever--to the point.

I had the first false awakening I can ever remember last night, and it was freaky as hell. It was very weird how it was triggered. As most of you may know, a "danger" of going lucid, is that you will often wake up as soon as you realize it's a dream.

In the dream, (I apologize if this is unclear), I was hovering, lying prone on my footbag. I guess other words, my footbag was doing the flying, and I propped myself upon it on my stomach. This is a very weird situation, as you can imagine, and I realized quickly that this was completely preposterous, and began to go lucid--but then I woke up. Or so I thought.

Earlier in the dream I had been fighting with some people, for fun, but I had gotten beaten up pretty bad (but they had as well. ), so when I "woke up," I had scabs all over my face from the fights! I peeled them off, and although there was some liquid blood underneath them, there were no cuts. I ran to the bathroom to wash my face, and was having a hard time with the sink, and at some point soon I finally actually woke up.

It was a very strange experience. The "False Awakening" was very vivid. I'd really like to do that again, even as disorienting as it is. Definitely something that had inspired to bring me back here to explore my dreams once again.