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      So, this was a result of a WBTB.

      I wake up at 6:50AM, in time for school, when I didn't wanna go. My mom kept telling me to wake up, so I did and we went for the drive. It was crazy snowy, so she changed her mind around halfway and decided to turn back. We come home, and I go back to bed since I was tired anyway, and I stayed up till 1, which is pretty much only 6 hours of sleep. I stayed up for around 60 minutes (The ideal time for a WILD ~^).

      I forget how it began, but I had a VERY vivid LD in no time. I went into REM like... it had to be 30 minutes into sleep, since my REM alarm never even rang. So I'm dreaming, and I decide to fly. I walk out of wherever I was, and onto a green beautiful field full of flowers and birds. I can't begin to describe how amazing it looked, you just had to see it. I take like 3 or 4 HUGE leaps, and it felt so nice just gliding to the floor from like 50 feet in the sky. I kept stepping on birds though.

      But the control issue happened while I was inside some cabin. I looked outside, and the first time I saw an amazingly beautiful sky... so many colors and so wavy. It was like a purplish blue spiral in the sky, it was insanely hypnotic. So some time passed, and eventually I looked again. This time, it was a huge wall of snow that built up at least 100 feet coming to destroy the cabin. I knew I was lucid, and I knew it was a dream, but I got scared. I couldn't control it! I put my arm out and opened my hand, trying to get it to disappear, but it didn't work. This is what puzzles me, because as I moved away from the window, it never hit the cabin. I waited and waited, but nothing.

      This control thing also carried over to other things. At the end of the dream, I asked these girls in a classroom for ... sexual favors =D! 1 of them declined, while 2 said yes. Also, in the meadow that I was flying in, after a while these animals started to chase me. I tried to stop them, but it didn't work.

      Again, while I was trying to assert control over things, some didn't work, and some did. When I took giant leaps to fly, it worked. When I tried to stop a huge wall of snow, animals, and controlling DCs, it didn't. Why do some things work, and some don't?
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      Why do some things work, and some don't?[/b]
      i wish i had the answer to that. Part of it has to do with confedince in knowing you are dreaming. The more sure you are you are dreaming, the more you can do How focused you are plays a big role too. If you are just running around doing whatever you might have a little control, but some of the big powers are harder to do.

      and sometimes you just have one of those difficult LDs that are hard to control

      anyway congrats on you LD man heres to more in the future
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      You state that you became scared of the snow coming to destroy the cabin. That fear probably made you lose "real control" and took over. Even though you knew what you wanted to do, the fear override the confidence of knowing it could be done.

      Remember in the Matrix when Neo went to jump the buildings. Everyone said "you'll never make it.. what if he does?" He knew he wouldn't make it, and failed. Even though he tried.

      Next time you feel that, try something relaxing and that gives you back control. What works for me is rubbing my hands together while looking at them, focusing on the heat generated. (thanks to whoever posted that, as now I seem to be preaching it a lot&#33
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