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      This is one of my top 5 nights. I'm start to realizing how good I'm getting to know my mind, body, etc. I haven't tried to LD in a long while but I just started back and trying to constantly try Astral projection and lucid dreaming from now on.

      Ok so I went to sleep early because I was so tired that I couldn't even do anything in the house. Wake up after 4 hours and then go back to sleep. (It was then almost 1am)

      When I woke up from my 3rd WILD attempt my brother said it was almost 4.

      Anyway I started doing my regular stuff to better my chances of doing a WILD. (I'm starting to think I can do almost anything mind wise, it is just I can't be tired or else I always fall asleep. Then everything starts clicking and I get into a dream where I'm standing in my house. I'm so excited and usually if its not a WILD that got me in a dream then I'd constantly be fighting to keep control of the dream. So I wanted to see if I can make people appear in my dream so I go up stairs in my house and make this lady appear. After I go back downstairs and try to see if I can run through glass. I try the first time and doesn't work! Then I start from my kitchen and do do a running jump on my bed and try to go through the window, still didn't work. Did a little exploring, and lost conscious.

      When I woke up I didn't move and just did the WILD sequence over again and within less than a minute I'm back in. An its in my house again. This time I decide to go outside, but night time and I'm starting to feel as if this is about to turn into a nightmare. Sure enough it does I see a car pull up some people come out and trying to offer me things. I overheard someone saying it was a bomb, so I just walk passed them and let them go up my steps. Then I hear other people across the street saying run, so I run with them. An now were getting chased down the block. Then the scene changed somehow and I'm in like a backyard where there is a BBQ going on. Its a lot of people, I decide to make a specific person appear but it doesn't work. Then I see a beautiful lady and I try to call her over but someone keep calling her and she leaves.

      At this point I try to WILD a 3rd time but when I was close to getting in, it kept feeling like I was going to go straight into a nightmare where I'm about to be in for a surprise. Because before I even get in the dream I feel something pushing my stomach. I keep losing focus and try about 4 more times and then I realize it is uncomfortable. (If whatever it was, was sharp I would've felt pain instead of discomfort) So I kind of shift my body and lose state and then try to do it all over again. But at the last moment I miss the transition and fall asleep into a non lucid.

      Overall it was great and I can't wait to do it again.

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      Sounds awsome, ive been trying to wild for awhile now to.


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