A few months ago I came across this website and it reminded me of how fun lucid dreaming can be. I had a few of them right away but I couldn't keep it up because I work long hours and try to sleep as little as possible. But last night I came back to this sight and read a few posts and got excited about my next sleep. When I finally got a chance to get to bed I didn't use any specific technique; I just decided I would LD. I had two LDs in the hour before I woke up. In the first I was in a recurring dream setting of mine- a large, complex, constantly changing highschool building which resembles two of the schools I've attended. I was running around on all fours like an animal when I realized I was dreaming, so i composed myself a bit and started doing levitation tricks in the middle of a classroom. I woke up for a moment and then fell back into the same dream setting, but I wasn't totally lucid. Their was a sudden fade out into a new setting triggered by a moment of introspection. Now I was mowing the soccer field of my old grade grade school. I had parked a van in the middle of the field and when I noticed that it was on it started swirving wildly all over the field. I thought it would stop when hit the soccer net and flipped over, but it landed on its wheels and headed towards the building. I was sure I would be in trouble for destroying the school, when I realized that this scenario was absurd and had to be a dream. I didn't try to control the car or anything after that. I just leaned back on my lawn mower and laughed. I woke up feeling great. It was the feeling of having accomplished something, which was a great addition to the feeling of getting to start my day. I hope to continue dreamiing and exploring its possibilities. I would love to create my own dream city.