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      So first of all this weekend has been great for me because yesterday I won my last home wrestling at my highschool match ever (Im a senior). I took third in districts and Im going to regions! So I went out to eat after that and got back at 2 so I went to bed. The problem was I was really excited I had a hard time sleeping. So at 5:40 I went on here. After about a half hour I went back to sleep. I have been doing all these techniques and I actually gave up on wilding. I was just laying there waiting to go to sleep and I suddenly felt like I was being choked then boom I see HI then It got 3D and colorful. Then suddenly It was dark with tubes I was going through to get out of where I was. Then I popped out of the tube and was in the sky. I saw this thing floating below me it was congragulating me. I was up there thinking for what? Then I remembered I was dreaming. All I wanted to do was get a good look at everything around me and I was hovering over a very advaced city. Well that's my story what do ya think?

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      Cool, ive been trying to wild for a while now. Nothing yet. But good job, it sounds like you were in new new york from futurama.


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