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      im new to the world of lucid dreaming, and ive just had my first lucid experience and all i have to say is it was amazing. i started reading up and trying to obtain lucidity about 3 months ago, and finally it happend. i didnt do anything special in my dream to obtain lucidity, but it just happened.

      here's some detail of my dreaming experience.

      i was by the beach in a condo with some friends and in the kitchen. i was feeling very tired so i just layed down on the floor as if I were going to go to sleep. at this point all of the people in around me in my dream started to taunt me/yell and i realized i was dreaming, due to the rediculus situation. i got up, and said leave to everyone, and they gradually left/dissapeared. at this point i knew i was lucid.

      from there i went outside and found a large staircase and a cart with wheels. i jumped on the cart and the staircase turned into an incline and i just flew down it, almost as if i was sking or on a roller coaster. as i was speeding down this large incline my surroundings started changing colors to a crazy purple and black shade. i actually pictured this and changed into the color myself, speeding along in some crazy mixing color madness

      when i reached the bottom i was way too excited about the expierience and lost the lucidity of the dream.
      from there i went on to have some crazy, non lucid dreams.

      this was an amazing experience.
      as a side note i had taken nyquil the night before to get rid of a cold, and the lucid dream occured in the morning after waking up and getting a drink of water.

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      Congratulations.. and may you have MANY more!

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      Yeah! Congratulations. I certainly hope you strive to have more!
      Shine on, you crazy diamond!

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