Last night I had a lucid dream. I'm not sure how I figured out I was dreaming - I think I was thinking about lucid dreaming as I went to sleep (purely by accident, I wasn't trying to WILD) and it carried over into my dream. Anyway, it seemed like something I remembered from the past - maybe it was a near repeat of another dream the same night? I don't remember the previous dream, but this dream had the distinct quality of being a slight improvement on something I had seen before.

The dream started out with a fight at the front door of my parents' house. For some reason I fought this guy and he ran away - I think it may have actually been more vivid at the time, but that's the start of what I remember. Then I headed down the street in a direction I went often back home, and for some reason the next house over was a duplicate of my parents'. My sister came along riding her bike, but she wasn't riding along the street like she does in real life - she was cutting straight through the fenced front yard of the second house. I stood there waiting to meet her, but I thought the fence might cause a problem, but she just jumped it. I really looked like she and the bike shapeshifted and stretched over the fence.

I stop her and knocked her off the bike with telekinesis, then chewed her out for helping Magneto (apparently that guy back at the first house was Magneto, and she had helped him somehow). She responded by shouting to my dad who was walking past that I had "some sort of spiritual powers." That made me feel guilty, first because it made what I was doing sound like witchcraft, and second because I was beating up my helpless sister. So then I thought, I should be fighting Magneto - where is he? It doesn't matter, I can just make him appear. Or... no, that makes no sense, I can't control him! I'll just teleport to where he is. So suddenly I standing in a wide-open space with Magneto nearby. Somehow I decided to give up my telekinesis for the ability to turn anything I touched into a fireball, and Magneto started off by throwing a little lump of metal at me at high speed. I turned it into a very big fireball - I had to stand there and brace myself as I pushed the fireball into the sky.

Magneto then piled a great deal of metal on me and ran for it. I apparently skipped over a few hours of carefully destroying the metal without destroying the world (the knowledge that it could be done with what I had provided myself was sufficient to skip over all that time) and went after Magneto again. I was vaguely conscious that, in the manner of Marvel comics, the story would be over if Magneto died, but I could help realizing tat I could just fly over to him and touch him, and he would be gone. So I woke up - apparently considering the possibility was the same as doing it.

I found this dream disappointing because I didn't do any of the things I had imagined while waking for lucid dreams. I was just a more powerful dream character acting out the story! Or is this what basically all lucids are? I liked the story fine, but if I had been fully conscious I would have tried for a shared dream immediately.