Well yeah.
I was trying to do that one thing where you go to sleep
then wake up
and go back to sleep, so that i could induce a lucid dream
But I couldnt fall asleep
Because I was sleeping on the floor.
Well i sat there for about 2 hours trying to fall asleep.
Until I moved to a bed
Then I waiting another hour.
And I fell asleep.
I didn't even have to wake up.
Because I had this dream that I was in a mall.
Getting in this big fight with this guy
I started to think about how hard to it was to fall asleep.
And thats when it hit me that I was asleep.
So I just kinda walked around.
I couldn't really make anything awesome happen.
But it was cool.
It was really like I was awake
Because all the laws of physics were still active.
Everything was normal except for this huge mob of people kept running around
Yelling about the end of the world.
Then I woke up when I tried to blow everything up.
I should try baby steps.