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      Well, last week we visited Arizona for a few days. Normally when I travel and sleep in "unknown" beds I seem to dream more.

      The first night I hardley slept at all. I felt like I could have layed down and WILDed right off the bat, but nothing. And I kept waking every 5 minutes. It stunk.

      The next night at another relatives was more comfortable. Settings were more relaxing too. I slept like a baby, had vivid dreams, but no Lucid.

      The next day we went to the Imperial Sand Dunes in Baja CA and we rode ATVs all day in the dunes.. that just rocked! I was finally "relaxed" and having a good time on my trip. That night, I easily became lucid when I recognized someone in my dream who seemed 10 years older than they should be, but still sounded like a 2 year old. lol

      So we came home, and for me unwinding from a trip is the best part. Got really loaded and BSing with buddies and before we knew it, 4am. Woops! haha... went home, woke up at 7 like usual and was tired all day.

      That night I felt like I could WILD on the spot. I did. IT was sweet. But, I didn't get enough clarity and it faded before I could start rubbing my hands. I was too busy telling people in my dream I was lucid and had just done a WILD.. lol I did however accomplish the task of the month asking a DC to be my Valentine. No comment from her (not as clear a dream as it could have been). I also shouted "I would like to meet my DG!" WILDs make doing things easy since it seems you're more connected with your "waking" memory.

      Last night, another DILD. Dream signs getting easier. High school setting. Very vivid. It clicked it was my dream sign, and I didn't have to RC. But I started rubbing my hands together to increase the vividness... worked like a charm. To my right was my best friend from HS (and still to this date). He watched me rubbing my hands and started doing it too. So I explained to him why I was doing it.

      For this LD I decided just to walk around looking for people to talk too. I remember walking the halls of my HS and everyone looked the same. There were certain people I wanted to talk to, but also didn't want to "force" it by willing them in. Never did find anyone. That dream ended soon after I stopped rubbing my hands. Rather quickly too.

      Anyhow, getting back on track. I'm pumped!
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      Quote Originally Posted by legbuh View Post
      lol I did however accomplish the task of the month asking a DC to be my Valentine.
      you should post this on the task of the month topic to get a little pendent thing.
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