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    Thread: My First Lucid

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      Hey! I haven't been on in a while, I was growing a bit bored for trying to LD, just because it took so long for me. But anyway, by chance last night I had a really vivid lucid dream

      I was talking to my dad about a competition I won. I thought that he'd start having a go at me, but then by chance I thought "This is a dream, I can say whatever I want!"

      So I did, and it felt almost like I was controlling his response!

      The only thing is that I never remember to look at my hands etc to strengthen lucidity. But it doesn't really matter
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      congrats man. i recently had my first lucid as well, mine was complete with all of the dream signs.

      it took me sooo long to get it too, so i feel your pain. but i must say it was VERY worth it.
      only problem with mine was that it didn&#39;t last too long, seems that it wore off and turned into a regular uncontrolable dream (couldn&#39;t get lucidity back) quickly. i&#39;d estimate about 15-20 minutes, but then agian who can estimate dream time-to-real life time

      i believe i just suddenly realized it was a dream, then remembered to check some tests. i checked the clock in a car. i recall having to strain really hard to read it and it was REALLY hard to remember to check it agian, to make sure the times changed.. after that it was easy.

      i don&#39;t know if there are level of lucidity. but i changed my entire eviorment into a tropical beach. so i guess i was quite lucid.

      grats agian bro/sis

      i&#39;ll be updating my journal with it soon. looking forward to you doing the same

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      Congrats to you both.. may you have many more&#33;&#33;


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