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      Two days ago i had a pretty vivid LD. I was in a remote island with my 6th grade teacher We started chatting and all, a very cute conversation.
      But a few minutes later, i had a sudden sense of fear. There was an approaching, yet unnameable danger charging me. The sea around me looked very scary (with a high contrast blue), i could hear some thunder and huge waves, etc. I turn around, and my teacher had disappeared. So i'm like f*** this! i'm outta here. I wake up but, for some reason, i immediately knew it was a FA, so the LD goes on...

      My point is, i've been LDing for more than a year now. And although my overall dream recall and control have significantly improved, there are things i can't really transcend: the fear of the unknown. In my LD, i was completely aware that all was a construct of my mind and yet, i simply chose to flee the scene. I would have really loved to try and face it, mentally change it, or even dive in that very scary sea, just out of curiosity.

      Did anyone have similar experiences? Any advice on how to surpass the fear?

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      yeah, i had some similair LD's. I've been LDing for about a year too. The way i did it was i realized that it was my dream, and no-one could take that away from me. I was in control, because it was my mind that was making this experience. One time this guy grabbed my hand and told me that I'm never gonna leave... I told him to go %$# himself and broke his arm in three places. That was one way i got rid of the fear of being stuck in the dream forever.

      I think that once you realize that your dreams, are what you conjur up in your own imagination, remind yourself that your the one in control, and if anybody tries to step up and challenge that, they have to answer to you....the boss.

      -hope that helped.
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