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      Recently ive been having trouble with my girlfriend "B".

      this happend about a week ago when i didnt want to stay in school any longer, so i went home and slept. Immediatly i had a lucid dream. I first heard a crackling sound, which always means im going into my LD. I was in my grandparents room with all the lights out. I could barely seen anything when i decided i would turn the lights on, but when i went to the light switch there was no actualy switch, just the piece that would switch, i went into another room, where there was this guy on a bed with a lamp to his left, so there was actual light. I went up to him and he grabbed my arm and said "your never going to leave." I thought to myself...hey..this is my lucid dream, no one is gonna tell me what to do or where im going so i take his arm and break it in 3 places. He looks at me like i just murdered his mother. In the corner of my eye i thought i saw a shadow of one of B's friends "K". I went over to look and when i went into the room i saw that my girlfriend and one of her other friends "C" were in the bathroom laughing. I went over to her and sat down crosslegged like she was. When i did her friend C, said she had to go, so she left. After she left, my girlfriend seemed very sad. I was amazed at how realistic it was so i asked her if it was really her in my dream. She didnt reply, but i told her, in a completly unsexual way to take off her clothes to see if it was really her. She did and it was definetly her, 100 percent, her body was flawless like it is in real life. When I helped her put her clothes back on she started crying. I asked her what was wrong but she didn't answer me. Just then, the only window in the room started lighting up. Not the actual window, but what was outside seemed as if there were sirens. I went over to the window to see if i could see anything, but since we were on the second floor i couldnt see anything. But thats when i realized that my eyes were actually moving in reality. Not like a back and forth motion like REM sleep, but when i looked down, my real eyes were looking down, and when i did i could actually see the window in my room i was sleeping in. I told myself not to wake up and i slowly went back to my girlfriend who was crying now. I hed her close and screamed "whats wrong! tell me!" she stil wouldnt answer. I hugged and kissed her like i would, but she wouldnt tell me. Just then i started floating, and i knew i was gonna wake up. I kept on floating until i went past the cieling....then i fell into a pit of darkness. While i was falling i felt a rush, and a cold chill down my back like i was really falling! i looked down and i hit my bed in my dream, and woke up.

      Now. what interesting is, i told my girlfriend about this dream about a week later, and she told me that that was freaky as hell that i had that dream. The time i left school around 11:15 my girlfriend was attempting suicide, and the day before that she was with her friend K and C having a great time laughing and everything. But at that exact insant i was having my LD she was crying in her car, driving to the hospital after she had alot of pills.

      Could lucid dreams have a Prophetic meaning? could they be symbolic of what is happening in the world at that exact instant? what do you guys think.

      By the way, this was one of the most vivid LD's ive ever had and it scares me to think that i could predict what was going on at the instant of my LD.

      What do you guys think?
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      im not great at this but I think if you really love or are connected to this person than it could happen. it's never happened to me but i think there is some kind of mental bond between certain people...
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      I dunno, y'know this sort of thing is really a matter of opinion, but I think it could happen. Or that's just one really freaky coincidence...
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