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      A few days ago I spent the night at my girlfriend's dorm. The bed in her dorm is pretty small for a person to sleep in, let alone two. Needless to say I wasn't very comfortable. I did, however, have really good dream recall. I think the lack of comfort kept my consciousness somewhat anchored, I'm not sure. I have been planning to sleep on the floor one of these nights, see if the discomfort helps with recall. I got a tattoo yesterday, right between my shoulders, so i didn't want to sleep on the floor—the fresh tattoo causes enough discomfort.

      Went to bed, tried out Something I had read about, which didn't seem to work, so I just keps my eyes closed and tried to keep track of hypnagogic imagery and stay conscious right into my dream, WILD style. Since it wasn't WBTB I didn't have high hopes for it but I figure it's better than nothing. I fell asleep, quite unconsciously.

      The next thing I remember is looking at the sky, where there were a lot of whales swimming lazily by. They were black and white, and I couldn't help think of magpies (annoying birds, black with white parts). Thinking back, the way the whales were behaving resembled clouds more than birds, except when one whale or another would swim/fly/float in a loop or two.

      I thought, hmm, am I dreaming? I tried to look over my glasses to see if the world was blurry, but I wasn't wearing them so I did the nose RC. I did it like, four times before I was convinced that I was dreaming. I looked around, I was in a big city, near a parking lot. It was sunny and hot. There was a phone booth near, as well as a hispanic male.

      I grabbed him by the shoulders, he was pretty short, and said "next time you see me here, ask me if I am dreaming ok?" He tried to respond, but I had business to take care of. I always wanted to swim with a whale, or fly with one. I intended to shoot up into the skies, but instead it was just a jump. I tried again, this time I made it only about 4 feet, but I floated down softly. I was excited about the improvement, and woke up.

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      Very cool.. whales swimming lazily in the sky!

      Congrats and may you have MANY more!


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