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      A couple nights ago I was trying have an OBE but I think I fell asleep.
      Just after going to sleep I found my self falling into a darkness of some kind(this has happened before while trying to have an OBE, it scared me and I woke up), this time I just let it let it happen.
      I could could feel the wind blowing by me sort of like free falling, the wind felt like a cool summer breeze at night.
      I allowed this to continue for a few mins then I tried to control my fall and I woke up.

      I would dismiss this but both times it happened it was after attempting an OBE.
      I've never had an OBE, but I've been close once when I had a leg an an arm loose and I woke myself trying to get the rest unstuck.

      If anyone has had any experience similar to this I would like to hear about it.
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      I don't knwo about OBE's but I have had that void before, only once. I loved it.
      I had a strange dream last night...

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      I have had OBE like LD's where I find myself dreaming but in a location close to the ordinary world in which I live. All the OBE's I've had have actually had an association with a slight wind that is very crisp, like a spring breeze. The ones I had as a kid would be I would find myself out of body, or Ldreaming, in the room where I had fallen asleep. I would jump up to the window next to me and feel this breeze and fly off into it over the buildings and trees around me. I lost this ability for a while and then discovered it again after a lot of DR and DJing. In that one I was walking down a street on a canal close to the building where I was living at the time. The air was very crisp, a slight breeze, everything was very clear and bright- moon was out. I looked across the river to the other bank where I saw a low cloud (maybe 10 feet high and thirty feet long) hovering over a beach. A wind was wipping the cloud from the bottom up over itself, like it was folding in on itself. I had the impression someone important was hiding in the cloud. At that moment i knew I was dreaming and immediately wanted to fly. Zoom, off I went. As I flew i realized I was looking at the real buildings in my neighborhood. When I was about 300 + feet in the air I saw my building in the distance. Instantly I was sucked into it, jumping up from bed...I was back in my room awake.

      Trust that wind, there is something to it. Try giving into it, feeling it flow through you.


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