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      Hey, I had a really long sleep last night, probably ten hours worth. Anyway, I woke up at around 4AM, and decided to try WBTB. I was asleep within a minute, and was unsuccessful. However, I had three dreams that night, that I can remember. I'll only detail the dream that I became lucid in.

      I was at my middle school, with two friends from my current high school. We were running around, trying to find something to do. There was construction going on in the building, and I told them that we should surf on the rubble. We all thought it was a great idea, but then I saw the principal, Mrs. Butcher (I know...) and I became scared about what she'd do if she caught us. I told my friends it wasn't a good idea, so we walked over to the lunch line that only exists in my current high school. I started talking to the lunch lady for a while, and all of a sudden I looked at my left hand. I looked back up, and kept talking. I realized in moments that I didn't look very carefully, I was just glancing at it. I brought my hand back up, and began to study it. My fingers all shrank to half their size. I said to myself "I'm dreaming!" I began to get really excited, and felt myself pulling back into my physical body, as thoughts went to it. I shouted "NO! STOP!" in my mind, and the pull stopped. I started laughing, and walking around a little, but the world was blank. Not even dark, just blank. It was like I was the only one there. I said "Clarity now!" and things felt like they were getting more hectic. As a last thing, I tried to change the scene, without even thinking about a scene to change to.

      I realize now that it was foolish to just jab out and change the scene, as the scene change was a place where I hadn't gained lucidity, and I took no precautions. I lost lucidity just as the scene changed. I retain memories of what happened after. I came to these forums, and posted my experience. A bunch of people posted, saying that I hadn't really LD'd, but had only dreamed that I was LD'ing. Downcast, I continued in my dream. When I woke up, I realized that it was a dream, and I really had LD'd, if only for thirty seconds. So yeah, I'm psyched, and am looking forward to any future experiences.


      P.S. I've been working on Lucidity for about a month now.
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      It was definitely a good try for your first time. Keep at it.
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      Congrats Xenafor, it feels great doesn't it
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      day one&#33; very nice


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