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      My problem with sleep paralysis is when i get it i dont know how to go lucid but ahwile ago i read on this forum about someone just rolling out of bed while in sleep paralysis and then being lucid. Yesterday i stayed awake till 5 am so at the end of the day today i feel asleep and woke up at 2 or 3 (daylight savigns time cant tell what it is.) and went to my bed and had sleep paralysis.

      The sleep paralysis wouldnt go away like it usually does and i was just sitting t here thinking when i remembered to roll out of it and i did no trouble at all. Right away i ran down stairs and open the back door and jumped of the stairs trying to fly but i just hit some snow and was back in bed with sleep paralysis.

      Ok im back in bed and im listening to the radio. Radio austriala is on and im listening to the lady talking it hink tahts what keeps me ankored. She is talking about her parents and w here she is from and i think she metnions Alice springs which is in the middle of austriala. I roll out of bed and open the window with the intent to jump out and i cant forget much after taht but before window opened i tried makeing someone apear to try out some powers(didnt work).(sometime while im lucid i go downstairs and begin to think it is not a dream and go to the fridge which is in the middle of the hall.(it is all funny looking) i start to smeel the home smell and think im awake finally.
      When i open the fridge there is just wall in there and beside it is a onother fridge and i remember im dreaming. Somehwer at that time i dream im at school and this knowitall kid is there sitting in class and i ask him where is alice springs? he says it is in central europe or eastern eruope... I say no it is in austriala dumbass.

      When im at school im in this hall looking for my best freind when i think it might be him i look again and it is just some perosn in the close of em. I go to the end of the hall and see onother good freind with soem gymnastic people in the lunch room and he is just sitting there with a almost skeleta deformed face.

      After that the lucid ends and im in sleep paralysis and i feel my head relax and im out of the paralysis.

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      Rolling is surely the easiest.

      It beats thinking about some rope for 2 minutes, or trying to make yourself float upward... save yourself the trouble, and just roll off!

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      Good good job, it sounds like you certainly know how to explore your lucid dreams. Well done.
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