Hey I have not been doing it for long, but I think I may be able to get good at it.
Since I was young I always heard Hypnogogic audio before sleeping or napping (in class oops)
Usually when I heard hypnogogic audio in class it would be people saying WAKE UP!, STOP SLEEPING, or just random loud noises or music. When I am in the safety of my own home I can control what the voices say to me and can usually think about something and my inner voices will start talking about that.

My first day of trying lucid dreaming:
I went to sleep set my alarm clock for 5hrs later
When I got up I played Anagrams, took out the dishes and drank earl grey tea.

I think it was 90 minutes later that I got into bed again. I counted and told myself I am dreaming and did the breathing technique to relax. It took me no time at all until i was in what I think was sleep paralysis. My whole body went numb exept my face. I could visualize moving my hands and feet, it felt like they were moving so I knew that my imagination could go wild as long as I could replace the black space in my eyes with an actual location. The only thing i couldn't do was close my hands or make big movements it was more of a spacey feeling like they were floating in no gravity.
I could move them slightly in my imagination.. anyways, moving on.

It took me a long time to visualize stuff and usually it was bits and peices and they left my thoughts very quickly.
I at one point decided to focus on the faded bloches of colors that I saw within the black of my eyelids. All of a sudden, I saw spacey colors start to zoom by my head and I was able to make the image 3D and realistic for a few seconds. Yet that didn't last long. I layed there relaxed and a few other dreams occured. I had one where I was telling my mother all about this lucid dreaming stuff and she wouldn't believe me. I also dreamt that I was in a video store at 3am and my little cousin was there and then I saw his father with his hair all ruffled up.

(I think I had this dream because I went skiing with my cousins and brought a movie that was inapropreate for my little cousins and their dvd player stopped working luckily and I watched it when i got home and must have been worried that they were going to rent it even though I told them I realized it was a not a good movie for the kids.)

The next dream, was sort of like a sidescorlling video game that I dropped into however, I was not in the first person, it was like I was looking at the game and there was me or a character I couldn't define running to the right just like a mario game.

That was the end of my night. I woke up wrote down all the dreams and started my day.

Day 2
My second day of lucid dreaming:
I went to sleep at 8:30pm set my alarm clock for 1:30pm
unfortunately my dad was playing guitar so loud I couldn't get to sleep until he stopped which was 9:30pm so I adjusted my clock accordingly. It now read 2:30pm
When I got up I played Majhong and drank some earl grey tea.

It was 60 minutes later that I got into bed again. I counted and told myself I am dreaming and did the breathing technique to relax just like the night before. It didn't take long until i was in what I think was sleep paralysis again. Again I could visualize my hands and feet moving but never closing or making big movements. My feet twitched and I woke up and had to re-relax myself.

It seemed to have taken longer this time than the first day to visualize something in my head but finally, I fell into lucidity. My entire head went numb and I decided to go with it. I heard a swooshing sound in my ears and I felt my head and ears and mouth go tingly. (I can't remember and can't tell if the numb head thing was all part of my dream or it actually happened and I was just falling into a dream) I then woke up in a dream in my room. I didn't know it at first everything still was vague as my dreams usually are and nothing had definition. I saw my covers and realized they were so abnormally sized over me and it puffed up so high i couldn't see my door it was also polygonal looking, like bad 3d graphics. I got up from being lied down and pointed at the door, i thought to myself I must moving around in my bed just like in my dream (i wasn't). I saw the light switch and tried to think of the lights turning itself on. I didn't seem to have that much control over my dream so I layed back down and attempted to wake up in my bed. So I woke up, to what I thought was my bed and it was a false awakening. My mother was in my room turning my lights on and off, and I said to her why do you have to be in here so early in the morning turning on and off my lights. I was pissed cause I was trying this dreaming thing and she ruined it like she does everything else. (i still love her though) Anyways, so I suddenly fell out of lucidity and returned to a state where I knew I wasn't dreaming anymore. I then got up and typed this post. and now I'm going to return to sleep for an hour and a half until school!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my lengthly post.
and I really would like feedback. maybe i shouldn't be drinking tea? maybe i shouldn't be playing games? should i be sleeping for longer? waking up in before dreaming for longer? any techniques you think i should try?

thanks so much