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      two nights ago (the amount of time it took me to get regesterd) i had my first LD it still has my head gowing crazy with posibilities (for some time now i was concerned with if it was possible like a big joke to make people feel left out when they dont have them) here is what happened

      at the start i walked in to the living room and my dad and brother were talking about the scary movie we saw together befor i went to sleep and i look at my hand i count 4 fingers i dident have time to say "stay calm" i was awake the first thing i did was go for my dream jounal to wright it all down it was so cool

      the main reason this gets me crazy is i had only bine working on this whole lucid thing for two days

      please comment on what your first LD was and how long it should take for me to get control

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      That's great man. Many more will come. Good Luck!
      I had a strange dream last night...


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