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      i fell asleep normaly {not attempting to lucid dream} and i started a nonlucid dream......i was walking
      around my dream world "a vast open area with a ground simular to dirt but faded white, on my left side
      there was a purple figure" and once i saw that i said to my self "im dreaming" witch is odd because i dont practice that teckneek durrring the day.....
      any way after i said "im dreaming" i was in total controll of my dream...i said elephant as i pointed to the ground and out of nowhere a pink object appeard....i couldent tell if it was an elephant because i had at this point started flying away......as i was flying over my newly evolved lucid dream world i found my self in a part of a nonlucid dream i had the night before......but this time i knew i was dreaming......any way i walked into a little river side shop and bought what i actually wanted..."a blue gatorade" as i started to drink the gartoade i could taste it! . after i finished my drink i started to fly again. this time to space, where i started making new galexies and star formations. wheni finished there i flew back to my dream earth "witch was some what dull from space {black clouds with white holes}....after i had landed i thought i woke up but i woke into a nonlucid dream where i was fliping out about haveing a such an awesome dream and talking to random people ive never seen before....then i woke up for real.....
      and thats my second lucid dream =)

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      grats, cool dream, keep ld'ing, etc.


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