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      2 more.

      I had these dreams a while ago. werent lucid tho. i can remember them pretty clearly tho.

      1. i was with the Simpson family (cartoon Homer, marge etc.) in the mountains. Homer told me not to go down the trails to the bottom. so i did any ways. i was skiing, but i was on my hands and knees skiing with the skis on my hands. i went down the twisty trail and got to the bottom, it was warm, there were two small islands in this pond, about the size of a golf green. and thre was a flag pole then i heard the simposn music, and a squirrel emerged from the water and i woke up.

      2.I was in a garage. it was locked, i couldnt get out. there was a dim light.
      thats all i rememebr.

      kinda weird.
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      I liked the simpsons one.
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