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      Convenient Store Crisis

      Just had my first lucid dream since forever. Being in control is sweet, and it was good to have the iron fist back on the hand of the dreamer.

      It started on an island.....

      A friend and I, Luis, walk into this convenient store, and its huge. It doubled as a video store. Walking around, we continuously heard one of the clerks complaining that some old chick had never returned "Godzilla The Movie"(this continued the whole time through the dream) but we stayed away from the conflict. After a while of hearing people argue, Luis started flirting with a lady clerk and I was left alone on my own (goin down the only road I've ever known...) to explore. So explore I did.

      I eventually found curtains, you know, the kind of curtains you see in those rippoff newage stores and the ones that hide the dirty flicks from the kiddies in video stores. So I went in.

      I looked around. The place was like a maze, and there was some kind of mist around me. The walls were purple, and there were people, people I knew, walking around aimlessly, sharing gossip with one another. I know what you're thinking: Wow, it must be some kind of alternate dimension, you know, like that old game Myst or something. Wrong.

      As it turned out, the haze was... weed! And the walls were purple! And Jimmi Hendrix was playing! Well, I'm extremly anti-drug, so I'm pissed off (except for the Hendrix) and trying to find the smokesource. All these people I know are anit-drug too....wtf, mate? Thats when my suspicion began. But like icedawg said, its pretty damn easy to get distracted. And the dream beast had given me the ultimate distraction: Emily. The most beautiful, popular, amazingly WOW girl in school, there she was. So I followed her. Throughout the maze, she and her friend were walking.

      After a while, I was high( ) and lost( ) , and Emily and her hot friends were gone, too. Luckily, though, at this point I had some kind of control, so I was able to shake it off. I eventually made my way out of the maze and went to find Luis so we could get the hell outta there. Walking through the video/convenient store, I kept hearing that Godzilla scetch go on and on and on and after a while, some store officials (teens with no jobs who needed money so they work here) started looking for the old woman who never returned the Godzilla video. I caught up with Luis, but he was too busy flirting with tha ladeh.

      This is the part where I freak out. I turn a corner and BOOM there is this Gila Monster dressed as a store clerk and a Santa hat walking on all fours and he looks pissed. It started to chase me, but everywhere I ran away to, he headed me off. Must have been because he knew the store better. So, I'm running, I'm running, I run past Luis, I run past some store officials tying up the old lady, I run past the weed curtains, I run everyfreaking where till the monster has me. And I woke up.

      Well, I thought, I didn't control that one...better get back in there. I eventually drifted off into a downward spiral, chasing my tail and loosing irritrivable vital life fluids (thank you, thank you) to end up in the convenient store. Then I see the Gila Monster. I pounded my foot into the ground and shouted "ENOUGH!!!" This is when I realized I was dreaming and became aware and lucid.

      And everything came together and imploded. A wave of force strattled the area and I closed my eyes to shield them from the bright light the lucidity generated.I opened my eyes. The Gila Monster was gone, as were the old lady and her captors. Luis was still flirting, and there were still curtains. So I go behind them. I told myself in my head "There will be no weed in here." and boom. The haze dissapeared. But so had everyone else. I frantically searched for Emily, but she had apparently left the building. Instead of trying to generate her, I decided to mess around for a while. I guess I was too excited about my new power.

      I walked around, picking up DVDs with my mind and hurling them at customers, and it was fun, but after a while I got bored. So I decided to leave. I generated a rocket ship out of nowhere and flew away. Then I woke up.

      Having realized I had a lucid dream, and it was only 2:00 AM, I decided to go back to sleep, and I found myself on a class trip. We were in some kind of factory, and Emily was nowhere to be seen. I decided that the dream goal was not to find and make out with Emily, but something in a bigger picture. I focused on conquering a fear (as I did the Gila Monster) or solving a problem, but all I did for a while was walk around. Then I saw him. A bitch much worse than the Convenient/Video Store Gila Monster.


      Martin is a bully. He says stuff that really hurts, and he beats me up sometimes. He was the problem, and I was the solution; he was the disease and I was the cure; he was Hiroshima, and I was the A-Bomb...you get the picture. To sum up Martin, his face is like my ass (in more ways than looks): Nothing good ever comes out of it.

      He and a friend of mine (Kevin) were playing around on a conveyor belt. I said to myself "Hey, school is almost over! This isn't real!" so I decided that because it was a dream, Martin was the one person that should'nt be in it.

      I instantly found myself in a black coat, like those guys from Collumbine wore, and I had two pistols and sunglasses. I had entered the Matrix... I took my two pistols out and the MDK2 theme song started playing. I leaped foward, stopped in midair, and kicked the mother sucker in the chest. He fell backwards. For some reason, I threw a pistol at his head, but then the Matrix getup was gone and it was just me and him in a fistfight on a conveyor belt. I pushed him off, and he fell into a dark abyss, and as the blackness absorbed his undeserving soul, the whole school was behind me. Even Emily.

      And they were all cheering me on.

      Then I woke up.

      And here I am.

      ADOPT ME!!!!!!
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      Man that is so cool!

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