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    Thread: First one!

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      First one!

      I just had my first lucid dream! It was long and since ive been reading this message board i new a few things to do to help.

      i wont tell you the whole thing. i was sleeping and i kind of woke up in my room, but i wasn't sure if i was dreaming so i closed my eyes and kind of let my mind go blank, then i felt as if i just jumped into water and white light started to swirl towards me, and i was on a street. then i tried to fly and i flew high and i could see landmarks in each direction, i could see Toronto in the north east, orillia where my mom lives in the north, and then i looked west and saw the oilrigs of alberta where my sister lives. it was really cool.

      But this happened everytime my dream faded, i was in my room in the dark, (still sleeping) and i closed my eyes and let my mind go blank, and the feeling hit me again and i was somewhwhere else.

      i also tried saying "extreme lucidity" twice, the first time it didnt work, but the second time, everything was crystal clear.

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      Welcome and congrats!!!
      you must be the change you wish to see in the world...


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