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      Lucid 3x or more?

      ok im going to summarize what happened

      most of the lucid/ possibly lucid stuff took place id say starting with my first lucid dream at 10 30 (guess)

      in a bathroom stall beating up my dad then i heard im lucid i became lucid and felt the tile walls to try and have more clarity and stay in the dream i also zoomed in and examined the detail then i saw some girl in the hallway i knew from school i talked to her then i went to principals office and messed up some meeting people were trying to have

      (normal ld so far) i then started fading out and cant really do anything to stop it ok i awake in my bed in real life and dont move yet cuz i try to go back and think of the stuff that happened to try and trigger the dream/lucid dream again didnt work

      i go back to sleep and the first part i remember is kinda being conscious and thinking the next something i saw i would be lucid

      so it worked and im at this beach place trying to fly i get up on the dunes and try and run off and fly but i either hit the ground or go underground (which is all a blank black screen that i can see, kinda like when your fading out) so then i ask some guy on stilts how to fly he says you need this (some object) and throws it away from me i go get it and try to fly again doesnt work i think i went underground again

      ok then comes the wierd part

      i think about something i know will happen will make me realize im lucid and it does (again) and im at my grandparents house everything is really bright i try to get on top of the house and let the energy of the tree pull me to make me fly nothing happens so then i try and jump off the roof and fly but it doesnt work then i fade out (i think) and enter a dream where im in a car and want to mess around so i kinda think im dreaming but not sure and my finger test doesnt work so im very confused then i fade out ( fading out could just be some part that i dont remember but i think it is where i was awakening and going back to sleep)

      then i think about how i know im lucid or something im in a dark room and spin around and get a new place but its still dark then i mess around i think and fade out again

      then i think i dreamed that i was lucid , because my finger did would not go through a wall when i tried a RC but i still seemed to have some will so i decided im probably in a dream so i dont have to worry about messing with people

      i faded out again and went back for a few seconds and had the same experience then immediately woke up (which leads me to believe i was actually lucid dreaming

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      you are completely confusing me?
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