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      First LD

      I had my first LD last night (I don't count the times I've been lucid for only a few seconds).

      During the part of my non-lucid dream that led up to the LD, I was in this out door area, and the sky was purple. There were these two women at this bar talking and me and this other dude were lying in these two hospital beds. All of the sudden, this demon guy dressed as a doctor appears and trys to attack us. I jump out the the bed and run to the left. I saw Mr. T and ran towards him. I had this weird conversation with him, but then he disappeared. I suddenly became lucid after proclaiming that I must be dreaming. I got up, but then I found myself in that bed again, non-lucid. The scene just repeated itself, but this time, I didn't run to the left, but I looked at the demon gun as he dragged the other guy out of the bed and pulled him up the the edge of the bar. He started mumbling all this crap (while strangling the other guy). Then he made the guy's head explode and proclaimed that he would destroy all humans. I ran over to the place I met Mr. T before and a sort of forcefield door suspended by nothing opened and I ran through it. I started running up this road, which was extremely similar to this road I always walk my dog along. I collapsed to the ground and gradually became lucid. It was weird, because while I felt my self becoming lucid, I was staring at the ground and it started from this weird flat texture, and morphed into this complicated ground pattern. Realizing I was lucid, I instantly looked down at my hands. They looked so real. Anyway, realizing the possibilities, I decided I wanted to fly. I tried jumping a few times, but I was kind of afraid of falling into the ground, because it was so real, but then I thought of doing this weird sort of flip thing, so I wouldn't fall. So I did it and I started to fly. I flew neo style (lying down w/ arms strait back) but I was going slowly. So I concentrated and I started moving faster. The thing that kind of irritated me was that the air was so hot (I think it was a result of the purple sky), but I ignored it. I flew out to these hills, and then landed. I checked my hands again and I thought it would be cool if I teleported myself. I looked down at my feet and told myslef that I would teleport to a forest. I opened my eyes and I was in a forest. I took flight again and flew over to the coast. I thought it would be cool to try and summon up a dream guide, but I thought I would just explore for now. I eventually saw this yellow-glowing warp gate and I touched it and I was teleported over to this place near where I became lucid at. I saw this city I remember in one of my previous dreams, only the buildings were much shorter. So I focused on making the buildings taller, but it didn't work to well because only one or two of the buildings grew. I thought "what the hell" and walked towards the city. I briefly checked my hands again just to make sure I didn't loose lucidity. I saw on my left though, this weird, big, cicular mirror. It displayed this forest area that was different from the one I used my mind to teleport to. So I jumped into the mirror and it rippled like luquid (sort of like in the Matrix). I found myself in this forest green forest with a blue sky. I jumped back to the other side. I peeked in again, but to my suprise I found that another world existed between the world I was in and the forest world on the other side of the mirror, but you could only see it though a tiny crack in the space-time continuim. I walked over to the city, but it sort of had shrunk since I last saw it, and it was just this futuristic looking house. I walked around it and found this ramp that led inside it. As I walked up it, I saw this hot girl with red hair blue eyes, and a green bathing suit lyring on this platform that shot-off from the ramp. She smiled at me, but then I saw that she had pretty hairy legs, and I said "Call me when you shave the legs". I kind of feel like a d-bag for saying that but at least I was honest. I walked up the ramp and into the house and sat down on one of these small couches. The house was pretty small inside. I noticed that there was this window that looked at this tan wall. All of the sudden this hot asain girl from my school appeared and I looked at my hands again and thought "lucid sex is risky, but what the hell". And I won't go into what happened, but I woke up a happy man.

      Here are some things I did before I went to sleep:

      1. I usually walk my dog at night, and I do frequent reality-checks on these walks. It's not the usual double-checking some text or a watch (I never see written word in my dreams or clocks). What I did was make myself feel that my surrounding enviroment (despite being very familiar to me) was alien and unknown to me, and thus I examined them carefully.

      2. I never have time in the morning to write down my dreams, so I just make sure to remember them all day, then write them down in my dream journel right before I go to sleep (and I mean RIGHT BEFORE).

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      that sounds intense for the first LD!

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      wow, yeah, sounds like you had quite the adventure



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