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      Strange, vivid elemental dreams

      Hello, everyone.
      Two nights ago, a friend and I both had very vivid elemental dreams. My friend's dream was about water, and mine was about fire.
      In my dream, there was this presence, almost something inside of me that was driving me to suicide. In waking life, I'm not suicidal at all, or even really pessimistic. It was strange, but I was so desperate to escape. I was going to kill myself in the dream by lighting myself on fire along with all of my drawings (I am an artist), though I don't know why I wanted to burn my pictures.
      At first the fire burned my skin, charred it, but my skin healed in an instant and the fire stopped burning me. It didn't even hurt anymore. It actually felt kind of nice, like warm water washing over me.
      When the fire burned out, I looked at my pictures. I don't remember about any of the others, but I vividly remember one. It was a person with white, orange-tipped firey hair and lava-colored eyes. The background in the picture was of a destructive volcano scene. The picture was unharmed from the fire except for a small 1/2-inch border around the edge which was curled and black from the flames. It added to the effect of the picture and seemed right for it.
      What does it mean??? >.< I'm so confused! This is the first elemental dream I have had. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some insight on this confusing dream.
      Also, here is my friend's description of her dream -
      The high school that I go to is made of nine buildings, and there's a place in the center of the school called the courtyard. It was nighttime, and it was a big party/event like prom or something. All the girls were in dresses, only they all had light dresses on. I was wearing a black dress with black stilettos. ('Twas sparkly ^_~) (O_o)
      Beside a brick building (that would have been the 'library'), were two pools. One pool (both small and rectangular), was on the left side of the building, the other (idedntical to the other pool), was on the wall opposite from where I was standing. It was a pretty small building, too.
      Suddenly, all the guys (most were in light tuxes or regular clothing), and all the girls JUMPED into the pool (gave me ideas... >.>), and it was all a big riot. So, I walked up to the pool that was farthest from me, and my teacher, Mr. Maxfield (who I am close with; he teaches our social studies/global issues/history class), told me to take off my shoes before I went into the pool. For some reason, I walked all the way arouund the building and sat down, took off black stilettos, got up, kind of tossed them away, then jumped into the pool. I was in the middle, and everyone else was on the edge, havin' fun . I can feel the cold spark of the water, and when I went up and gasped for air, meh bishin' boyfriend Matt was standing on the pool edge, looking at me. He was wearing nice attire, but not a tux. So, I get out of the pool, and we go to the 'darker' side of the building, where the other pool is, and no one is in it. We jumped in, and I'm underwater, and we're both just kind of floating there, swimming arouund. Then, I sink to the bottom of the pool, and he's loomin' over me. I'm not scared or out of breath, so it was all cool... but then he kissed me and I was shocked. Then the same thing happened to him, only he was the sunken one and I was the one leaning to kiss him. Then we were both getting out of the pool, I realized I was dreaming, and I woke up.
      Stupid lucid dreams -_-

      Heeelp uuusssss
      Thanks -

      ~Darkpyra and Li

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      Hmm elements.

      Well we're not dream interpreters. Fire can symbolize a lot of things: anger, love/passion, light, power...

      I really don't think it's anything to be worried about, as for the coincidence of elements, I think it's just a coincidence.

      Here I found a definition:

      To dream of that you are being burned by fire, indicates that your temper is getting out of control. Some issue or situation is burning you up inside.

      I have my doubts on that definition though. For one you felt good when you were burned, so I think it has a positive connotation.

      You can find more at Dreammoods, there's a link to it in Kaniaz's tutorial.

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      Yeah, I had found that definition, and it doesn't quite seem to apply. I haven't really been angry as of late, so I would not say that my 'temper is out of control'.
      I hadn't really been all that scared about it, it just really intrigued me. It just seemed really strange...
      Forgot to mention, usually when I wake up, I forget my dreams because I wake up so quickly, but this time (despite my alarm clock going off), I could still feel the atmosphere of the dream for a few seconds after I woke up.
      Thanks for your input, Squall!


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