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      Close to LD

      Well, for the first time in a dream (last night) I actually looked at my watch! I looked at it twice, but it wasn't at the same time (yet it read the same time).

      I was in Mexico in a bar. I looked at my watch and it read "12:43," which meant I had to head for my five period class (which in real life is dance, but in the dream it was Spanish). Since it's raining (today it was raining...weird) I go through buildings that connect from the bar and run through classrooms with teachers teaching. I open a door to find that I am in my Spanish teacher's home!!! I am in a bedroom with the bed umade. I run through the kitchen, trying to find the door that leads to the classroom, but run into a closet and another unkempt bedroom. Then, I get the sense that her fiance is in the house, learking around the corner, so I RUN to the nearest door and find myself in my classroom. I check my watch again for it to read 12:43! I didn't have to be in a rush, 'cause their are only 3 or 4 people in the class and the class starts in seven minutes.

      I was wondering if anyone has ever had a dream where they would look at their watch on two different occasions and read the same time: did you become lucid or were you stupid like me and assume the situation to be reality???

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      Just make sure to look at time twice but back to back. Look at it, turn away, and the look again... it should be different. but yeah its normal not to notice things like that, because all you were worried about was getting to class, and once you looked at your watch again and saw you made it in time it didn't even occur to you that time hadn't changed.
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