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      My first LD!!!!!!!

      So i knew a little about LD from a psychologist alllong time ago, anyways it was intresting but i threw it out, I learned everything there is to truly know about it 2 days ago, and read a little 3 days ago. Tonight I attempted a WILD, i just could not swallow so I was like meh ill just tell myself im gonnna have a lucid dream and believe it, like i tell myself to wake up after i dream and believe it and it works, well all of the sudden im sitting in my bed and i cant remember any dream signs and all i think is HOLY SHIT IM LUCID! well the only problem is it was realllllly SCARY because my room was all dark, i wanted to get out of it so i started floating but couldnt thru doors but i did with the cealing and wall sort of and ended up in my closet, i lost lucidity for a second and went into HI then i went strait into another LD, starting out in my bed, my room was dark and i was scared so i ran out into the hallway and the lightswitch didnt work and as i ran down the hallway like some how a sippy cup got in my boxers and was draining from my pants into a puddle...lol dont worry my pants were dry when i got up. anyways i was going to go outside to get out of it, but we have an alarm and i didnt want to make it go off, so i didnt go out and i was looking at the alarm and it was saying something i cant remember and i was gonna put it code when i heard it beep because my mom was undoing it in real life, and i woke up lol. anyways i almost made it into another LD when i was drifting off again i heard some really loud crackling and poppling like in the bed next to me, but i didnt go into an LD. Im kind of excited, im gonna try again tommorrow, but i just hope i dont start out in a scary place

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