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    Thread: Strange LD

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      Strange LD

      Okay I just had another LD but this one was extremely strange as soon as I got Lucid the dreamscape changed I was in a large dark room with a bed at one end but I had this sense of 2 realities being in the same place. There where some fish man type monster things skulking around looking for me I presume but when I attacked them they suddenly disappeared like they where never there as if they where ghosts or something (okay that happens in dreams but it happened in a wrong way here). After 2 such encounters and falling over randomly my mind was reeling I must have lost lucidity at this point and I came to the conclusion I was sleepwalking around this place witch was my room (I never sleep walk ) and dreaming the monsters then I woke up in bed in my actual room :-)

      So perhaps I just wasn’t very lucid this time but the 2 realities thing felt relay weird and I was just wondering if there is anyone with similar experiences or general advice? Could this be a new trick my subconscious has got for me?

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      Try to perform a RC every time you feel like you are lucid - this will boost your belief that you are LDing and hopefully prevent such rationalizations

      And grats on your LD!


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