Sad thing is, my waking up periods were so unpleasant (so much noise in my house in the morning it's not even funny) I couldn't remember much other than the fact that I had a decent amount of control. I'd say 30 percent control on the second, 15 percent on the first.

The first is blurry, the second is okay. All I can say is that I felt contained in buildings, until I decided I try to get out of the house (or church, or whatever I was in). Then *poof* BLANK...wake up after a while. I thought about going outside to fly for about 2 seconds, but something in my mind tells me that's a little too boring and cliche'd (? cant do the accent thing).

Here are my observations:

1. Good Rest=Vivid and sometimes lucid dreams (this was saturday and sunday)
2. Anxiety=REALLY REALLY BAD (weekday dream recall is sucky, since all the pressure of school can really make you tired but also restless; I woke up on saturday at 1:00 pm--no exageration)
3. Drink up on fluids--Drinking water really seems to help. I geuss it sends water to the brain or something like that. (Aren't mirages caused by dehydration and lack of fluids to the brain? logic would tell you that doing the opposite [drinking] would lead to better things.)
4. I don't know if this counts, but each night I woke up at about halfway through my sleep to go to the bathroom (latest and very controlled dream was preceeded by a bad stomach uhhh...'release' ). When I went back to go to sleep, I naturally felt more relaxed.

If this just relates to me, or everyone, let me know. Any feedback will be appreciated.

P.S. By the way, during this dream it felt so cool I even thought "I wonder how much time is really passing around me. I hope I can milk this for all it's worth " I geuss it backfired, though it was longer than I could have hoped for