Tonight I had strange, partially lucid dreams.

in first one, I found myself standing on some balcony, surrounded by enemies.

My vision was very weird, kinda like "telescopic" or "zooming". If I

focused my eyes on some object, I kinda zoomed into it.

It's hard to describe, but the zoom wasnt gradual. It was more

like "leaps", about 10 meters at a time...

So for a very long time I just moved my eyes around, not knowing what to do....

Then something made me look at the eyes of one of my enemies. I

couldnt move and just gazed into his eyes, as picture "zoomed" into them.

Within few seconds, I zoomed into them.

Well, last thing I remember is these huge not human eyes, right before

me... Then, void... First time experienced in a dream... quite weird...

Here comes the bizzare part: upon waking up, I forgot this dream. I didnt

have even a slightest clue as to how to recall it...

Then I fell asleep and found myself in the house, which looked strikingly

familiar. I knew my place, i knew what not to do, etc...

I saw one very weird wall, with lots of scriptures on it. They were dreams.

There were lots of them, and I even read some.

I started to scribe my previous dream on it. I gained nearly total recall.

I think I scribed it in blood or in red ink. Then I saw Seeker helping

someone scribe his dream. I think it was a dream about zombies or

something scary. They seemed quite eager and exited about it.

I looked around, and said something like "whoa!" and woke up.

Upon waking up I realized that the house was dreamviews, and dreams

we were scribing werent normal dreams. It felt amazing...