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    Thread: 2nd LD

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      2nd LD


      I just had my second LD.

      I was driving down this american road, and all the other cars were

      somehow driving in the wrong direction. so I tried to make a u-turn,

      then suddenly I thought "hey, this is a dream" and my eyesight got wider

      and the dream became brighter (like my first LD), everything was clear

      but the dream started to fade instantly, kinda like when u suddenly stand

      up u see spots right? I was seeing those spots. then everything went black

      and I tried to look at my hand, and boom~! my room came out.

      I was lying down on my bed, and I saw my left hand with an "R" written

      on it's back (which I wrote earlier that night), I decided I was still dreaming

      so, I looked around, and somehow I thought I was living with my family,

      so I tried to goto my cousin's room, but I couldn't get up! it was like

      my body and soul is seperate, I couldn't control my body at all, but my

      soul's trying to get up, and my body's keep pulling it back. well so, I

      give up, and try to change the scenery, well that doesn't work. so I try

      to spin, but I was laying down so I couldn't I just roll back and forth in

      my bed. then I see someone next to the door (I see his shoulder), so

      I tried to change him into someone, and tried to make him come in,

      but doesn't work. I try too hard and wake up exactly in that position,

      and see that, that shoulder was infact just my coat hanging in the closet.

      guess I should practice more. any comments/advices are welcome.

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      Re: 2nd LD

      Hey, congrats! ...

      I've got my second LD too. My first was low-quality and it last about 1 min lol...

      but on my 2nd i was amazed how detailed it is and i woke up after RC
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