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      Had a weird lucid dream and deja vu inside it.

      I don't know why any time I get mad and post I am not getting any lucid dreams like the next day I have one. Happened like the 2 times I almost gave up WILDs too. Anyway I had one today, my recall wasn't that good and kind of dropped off in the middle but atleast it was long.

      I don't remeber what I was doing in the dream, I think I was sleeping and someone woke me up. It seemed very real but I knew I was really dreaming so I started looking for proof but I couldn't find any. I walked by a mirror and tried to go through it but it wasn't working. So I stared at myself in it trying to see some thing weird but everything was all normal. I gave up but then I looked in again a little later and I saw my right eye start moving by itself. Left one was normal looking straight into it and right one was like moving back and forth, left and right. Looked really weird.

      I still wasn't sure 100% sure I was dreaming but I started acting like I was because that looked to weird to be real. Right then all the lights went out and I got this really strong deja vu feeling. I remebered where it was from too. Had you asked me before I would of said I never really had any scary dreams before, but inside the dream I remebered I did. Used to have dreams of where I was my house and like ghosts and stuff would come and start controling everything, or things would move by themself and stuff and the lights would be all messed up.

      I am almost positive I really did have them dreams but then totally forgot I ever had untill that moment, and it wasn't just the dream creating past stuff. Anyway I felt like it was going to start happening all over again but I like wished I wasn't there and everything faded but instead of waking up I appeared some where else. Started off really dark and lights slowly came on, I thought for sure it would be some scary thing sitting in front of me when it was bright enough to see.

      It wasn't though. Was a bunch of guys sitting around, they seem really friendly and acted like they knew me and where old friends. I don't remeber much after that part but I went outside and started doing stuff. Couldn't really do much and I think I became a little less lucid. There was this one person following me around. I was trying to get him to do stuff but he kept making up excuses and was kind of annoying. He also was acting like he was a lot stronger than me. Finally and I don't really know why, I like ripped him apart. Was kind of messy, some how I knew I could heal him and make him come back to life though. So I was going to so he would be alive and I could tell him that I was clearly stronger. I woke up right as I started though.

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      Sounds very interesting.

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      I've had a de'ja vu in a lucid dream before. Its actually why I became lucid, it made me aware that i was dreaming. It was an intense feeling. I was on the back of a motorbike when i had the de'ja vu. I made my friend pull over because it felt like i knew (because of the de'ja vu) that we were going to crash.

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