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      Lucid toothache!

      I had a lucid dream experience just few months ago, which was quite peculiar...
      In my dream I had a fear of entering into a dark room and because of this feeling I realized i was dreaming and as it happened few times before I woke up. As soon as I woke up I tried to fall back asleep. So I started feeling the sensation of going deeper into somewhere.. The noise of a jet engine increasing it's frequency started appearing along with that sensation, as well as the toothache. The latter, actually, was so severe that it prevented me from falling deep into that unknown world. Several times I was waking up and trying to fall bac asleep. But the same unbearable toothache was stopping me each time. Eventually I gave up and simply relaxed on my bed. Then My limbs started weightlessly rising up into the air. I explained it to myself as the aftereffect of lucid dreaming! and remained unexcited about that. Many other things started happening arround soon and then I realized I still was asleep. That really woke me up. I understood that all that noise and pain was happening in my false awakening.
      It was really wierd. And I still think sometimes why this pain was preventing me from going into unknown, may be it was a sort of a protective valve... Can anybody comment ?!

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      Well, first off, I hope your tooth is better, I hate the pain that they can make. And if your dreaming about bad things and you think that your tooth is saving you from entering into the unknown, then consider it a blessing, but really if your hoping for a responce in what people would think of this, it is a hard thing to reply to. Hope ya feel better.
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