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      Lucid Dream Experiences & How they Change

      Its interesting to find a place to discuss dreams. Something I havent done in a long time. They have just become such a natural part of who I am but yet no one knows that about me. I cant say I've had lucid dreams in a long time. I remember one such vivid lucid dream seems like forever ago.

      It was such a simple dream but it was what I feel is truly lucid. I stepped out onto a back sreet like in a city and it was raining and everything was crystal clear and I could feel the rain drops sting and the cold feel of it and I just knew that I was dreaming.

      It seems sometimes I can be dreaming and I will think about the fact that I am dreaming but in such a casual way sometimes I wonder if its a lucid dream but it doesnt seem so. Like I will dream where I am telling someone that I am not really there that I am dreaming.

      I used to have these dreams growing up where I would be in the dream telling people "dont you know youre dreaming?"

      I remember one dream which was the most interesting lucid dream I ever had. Where someone was trying to teach me to become more aware of things in a dream, to become more lucid and to know that I was dreaming. They made me aware of how silent the dream was that I had no voice and then I could hear and speak. They made me aware of sensations of touch in dreams like touching something to feel its texture. And then I became aware that it was a dream but then after that it broke apart.

      maybe I need to get back into understanding lucid dreams more. Ive been away from all this for too long. I dream every night but I have no one to share such things with.

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      Looks like you've found a place to discuss your dreams in!
      Most people just kind of look at you funny when you talk about dreaming. That or they say something like "I never dream anymore".

      Kind of sad....
      you must be the change you wish to see in the world...


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