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      Weird Lucidity or not?

      man i had another weird dream this morning

      i had woken up after a awesome dream (non lucid)

      i went back to sleep kinda thinking about trying to be lucid and thinking about the dream i had just experienced

      then i was at this barn type thing and it felt like when you try to imagine stuff in your head but it was a dream (because it was alot more detailed) anyways

      id climb up on the metal barn and try and jump to reach this thing i felt like i was trying to make the lucidity kick in so i could jump up and start flying

      then i jumped and i figured i was lucid and i kinda flew

      then i new i was lucid because i kept trying to make things more clear and i remember looking at my hands to make more detail

      then i blacked out and kinda woke up

      then when i went back i did the same thing with the barn

      i did this multiple times

      im not sure if i tricked my self into thinking that flying = lucidity or if i had lucidity but somehow didnt realize it until i flew

      anyways when i flew i just kinda floated and kept gettting higher but the clouds were annoying because they blocked my view of everything below me

      was this like a DILD?

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      Yeah, something like that happened to me a couple days ago (it's posted in this forum somewhere...). It was probably a DILD, since you recognized you were dreaming within th dream.

      I floated but couldn't get out of the room. My dream faded after around 10 seconds of lucidity...

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