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      Short Clippits of lucid dreaming every morning

      just about every morning before i wake up (naturally not because i just had a ld but because i have slept long enough) i have about 3 or less minutes of hightened awareness or dream content that is associated with Lucidity


      I feel like i have control over things (but not as powerful as my typical lucid dreams)


      i am having an inner struggle to find "the lucid state"

      i guess what im trying to figure out

      is are these dream lucid dreams even though they happen so often and are so short?

      also today i had another one and i was saying increase vividness and increase sharpness and it changed the world around then i like opened my eyes and i was back in what felt like the first lucid dream i had of the lucid period

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      listen. if you want to know if a dream was a lucid dream or not, ask yourself this simple question. "while in the dream did I know for a fact that I was dreaming?" lucid dreaming is simply that, knowing you are dreaming while in a dream. it doesn't matter how long or how short it was. as long as you knew it was a dream, then it was a lucid dream. otherwise, it wasn't. if you knew it was a dream but then you got caught up in the dream and forgot that it was a dream, it was still a lucid dream at one point, just very short. if you were in a dream and you thought that it might be a dream, but you didn't know, then it was not a lucid dream. hope I cleared that up for you.

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