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      hey all. i had mutiple dreams last night that involved me flying. i think i was in the same exact location 2, just with different people. i dunno if i was semi-lucid but i think that i was just having a really vivid normal dream. but let's get down to the main reason for this topic:


      i have found that in my in dreams i cannot fly how i want 2 yet. it seems as if my mind practices flying in my dreams, and i'm getting better at it. seeing as it's sumthing new 2 me and i've never exprienced flying before, i need to work at it. (and by the way, all of my expirences have been in normal dreams, i have not been Lucid yet). well when i first tried flying, i was running up and down my backyard jumping into the air and it seemed as if i was going no where. but occationally, i could levitate just about 2 feet off of the ground. and i'd really have to force myself to stay up.

      after this, i started to be able to run and jump into the air and slowly go up. i could do this about 1 out of every 3 times i tried it. but the real problem with this was, all i could do was slowly go foward and up, and then go back to the ground.

      now onto my most recent expirences, aka: last night. i've found that i can now run and jump in to the air and contine to rise up and out as long as i please. occationally i tried to just start actually flying straight through the sky but i would start to slowly fall. i would then have to wait intill i hit the ground to start accending again.

      one thing that i've found out is that i cannot turn, i can only go straight. probably when i actually become Lucid and can start to actually fly and not take a giant "leap", i may be able to do this. the last time i tried i spun out of control and got a bad feeling in my stomach (from the spinning). then i'd be like "o no, i'm about to hit the ground", then the feeling would get worse, then i'd hit, and in 1 minute, i'd be fine again.


      well these are my flying notes and expirences. tell me urs or maybe u've expirenced the same thing, lemme hear it.

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      interesting, i find however in my dreams 95% of the time i can just raise up withought running, the other 5% i have to drink something. I also have become quite good at flying through ceilings and walls.

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      all the times ive flown

      ive had to not really be trying to fly

      like not concentrating on it too hard

      or do something like wanting to get to a high up pillar and just kinda going there without getting all intense and preparing to fly up there

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      hi. ive been a natural all my life. I can not for the love of god fly. i know youmwill say wiht that attutude you cant. i can do every thing elce but fly. well, i can fly on a bed, but thts it. and i think i know why. i am 100 percent i became lucid after watching the movie liitl enemo when i was extreamly young. i thought it was real and it made me lucid. or it is posible that i just related to the movie because i was laready lucid. anyways. i still try to fly once in a while and it doesnt work. i will just all of the sudden be where i wanted to fly to. does anybody have any ideas how i can stop the abbit of me thinking i can only fly on beds?
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