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      My Experiences: A Thesis on the nature and physics of dreams

      Hello all! This is my first post to this board, so bear with me if I am too verbose. I am a scientist by nature, I observe the static laws of this universe. My 'dream state' has also taken on a set of reccurant laws. They are much less constant than reality, and can be manipulated by thought and emotion.

      I believe that I quite often go to same 'inner imaginary worlds'. I don't know if the worlds are flat or spherical ( ); however, my dreams tend to have features that identify various places and scenarios as belonging to a specific world at a given point in geography and time. This is apparent to me because of similarities in ecosystems, flora, fauna, architectures, political systems, technology, etc.

      Quite often I go to the exact same place on a given world. I meet the same people and can walk around the same places. The time in these places dosent ebb and flow like here. Deserted ruins can turn into the forgotten cities they once were. Civilizations can flurish or wither as easily as the wind changes directions.

      Some world are graphically and phyisically realistic. From the way that light reflects off water, to there being a sun in the sky. Other worlds are very 'external.' Often resembling mythological places, like the christian heaven, the greek hades and tartarus, the allyisan fields, etc. These places have very different laws, and often have native characters (Gods in heaven, Demons in hades, etc.) that can be difficult to wrestle control from.

      The four most important factors of my control of lucid dreaming: 1. Staying calm and unafriad; 2. Being insistant and confidant; 3. Being acceptant and grateful; 4. Being skeptical.

      Explinations: (for the factors)
      1. - as long as I keep my cool, I can maintain control of the dream. If I panic, the other characters/creatures/situations in the dream can take control or wake me up.

      2. - as long as I stay convinced an willfull, my control is expanded. If the dream resists a my control at first. As long as I don't give up trying something (flying, water walking, mirror walking) eventually happens. (NOTE: don't push harder if a result isn't acheieved, just keep pushing. overexertion never works)

      3. - being acceptant keeps the 'negative emotions' down. These emotions (regret, disappoinment, desperation, anger, hatred, etc.) make control difficult, if not impossible. I often see my dead mother, and expartner in my dreams. I have to force myself to simply appreciate being able to interact with them for the moment, and not get upset because I know they are really gone.

      4. - staying skeptical provides an override to deal real world expectations in dreams. If I find myself in a darker dream. If I stay skeptical, and don't automatically assume the character/situation isn't who/what it appears to be, it cannot assert it's will. If I make the mistake of believing that the character is a given individual/species/scenario, it will have all the native traits and abilities that are associated.

      Things to be skeptical of:
      1. Large animals (sharks, tigers, dragons, dogs, etc.)
      2. Externals (Gods, Demons, Devils, Faries, Ghosts, Monsters, etc.)
      3. Physical Scenarios (Falling, Being hit by a truck, walls being solid,
      fire being hot)
      4. Biological Scenarios (Muscles meaning strength, Not being able to
      Breath underwater or in space, being insane)
      5. Political Scenarios (Obeying the law, Not starting revolutions)

      Personal Universal Physics:
      My different dream worlds have specific laws. There are some laws that exist in ALL of my worlds, and some that can be broken in ALL my worlds.

      1. Concerning matter: (exculding mirrors and reflective surfaces)
      Upon causal contact, matter exists as normal. Inertia, Momentum,
      Weight, Specular and Diffuse Helights (glossy or flat color), fluidic
      properties, and the property that matter exists force - you can
      feel it, touch it, stand on it, push it, swim in it, impact or be impacted
      by it, all function as expected.
      By using the control factors above: All of this can be overriden.

      Personal Examples.
      a. As long as I believe that I am safe, I feel no pain. I can feel contact
      but attacks and impacts have no force. Like being hit by a pillow.
      b. As long as I believe that I am in control, I can avoid feeling any
      contact. No character can grab a hold of me, hit me, bite me, etc.
      They pass through me as though I were a ghost.
      c. If I want to change the property of matter, all I have to do is make
      contact with it with my hands and hold it. The change is not
      instant, it is substancial. I can melt solids, or make solids seem to me
      like they melt - allowing me to pass through walls, or swim
      through the ground. Once I walked on water
      d. Keeping calm, I can breath in any circumstance. In a solid, in water
      in space. Anywhere. I just have to keep breathing.
      e. I can fly, period. I don't care what world I am in, as many characters
      who say I can't or as impossible as it seems, I find some method
      to fly. Sometimes I fly like super man by just putting my arms out.
      Someitmes gravity quits working and I can jump and gilde.
      Sometimes I tense a leg to fly, sometimes I have to hum like
      an airplane motor and yes, somtimes I flap my arms.

      2. Concerning Mirrors, reflective and refractive surfaces.
      Mirrors are probably the most common repeditve feature
      and phonomenon in my dreams.
      There are standard types of mirrors. These are generally mounted
      to either a wall or floor.
      Examples: (from rarest to most common)
      a. Remote viewing mirrors. Through these mirror, I can see another
      world or plane. Quite often, these places are exceptionally
      unique. Vistas of worlds with red suns and, metal forests and
      liquid silver trees. Vistas of golden libraries and blasted abysses.
      These mirrors fell solid upon first contact, but can be used at portals.
      b. Treasure Trove mirrors. These mirrors are wonderful. They are
      always wall mounted, and generally huge. The are always liquid
      to the touch. They resemble the property of the stargate portal
      in that they are liquid, but standing sideways. This is the only
      similtarty. The look like a normal mirror, until touched then ripple
      like water would. They feel like water, they aren't thick like some
      other mirrors in their fluid state. They access hidden pocket planes
      if the dream universe. I have never entered on, and am not sure
      where they 'go'. If I put my arm in, with a blank mine, it is like
      reaching into a swimming pool.... meaning, no apparent bottom.
      If I think of a class of item, say weapons, I can reach my hand in
      and there all combination of that item stacked inside of it, like a
      pile in a junk yard. Swords, cannons, guns, maces, everything
      imaginable that counts as weapon all piled up behind the liquid
      surface. Thinking treasure, rewards coins, chests, gems, jewlery....
      I assume I could get anything out of these, perhaps entire worlds.
      c. The most common, portal mirrors. These can be any size, mounted
      to the floor or wall. They are liquid like the trasure mirrors, but the
      liquid is THICK, like mercury. Native portal mirrors are always bigger
      than me, and are always liquid upon touch. Upon entering, I am
      surrounded by liquid. I can breathe, and it is easy to breath, like
      pure air. The evironment in the fluid spins, and I often float or sink,
      but I always end up somewhere else. Either on the same world
      or a different one. Standard mirror in the dream state... Ones
      reflect and are solid to the touch can be forced to become portals.
      I must press my hand againt it, lightly. If I press hard it doesn't work.
      The larger the mirror is, the longer the contact has to last. It feels
      like barely putting my hand on the top of the water in the bath tub.
      There is no force, but just contact. This make the mirror liquid, and
      if it is big enough to crawl through, a portal.

      a. unmounted mirrors, like piece of mirror that you can flip over and
      see the back of. These melt like normal but are BAD. The back side,
      the non-reflective side melts also, and mixes with the mirror. This
      makes and odd substance that reminds me of melted hot glue. It
      burns, and is adhesive and is difficult to get off.
      b. mercury or quicksilver - this stuff doesn't burn or hurt, but is
      annoying. Upon contact, it spreads over skin, and almost instantly
      sets up like a layer of superglue. Its hard, and rough. It can stick
      fingers and flesh together, and it dulls sensation on the areas that
      it covers. I've only come in contact with small amounts of the stuff,
      and am not anxious to see what a lot of the stuff would do.


      Well, I assume that I have talked enough for this post. I look forward to all replies!!

      I passed into a sweet repose;
      Life is so strong-- it takes life, to love life.

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